• How to order

    Select a beat in the player that you want to buy by clicking on the add button. You can see your cart to the right. When you are ready click on “pay with PayPal”. A new pop up window will appear and you pay through Paypal. You will receive a e-mail with links on your order to instantly access and download your audio files & license agreement.

    NOTE: You will have 24 hours to download the instrumental beat after your purchase.

  • Product details and why you get both WAV and Mp3?!

    The beat you´ll purchase will come with a

    - MP3 audio file (320 kbps) and comes without tags.
    - CD Quality WAV audio file (16 bit, 44.1 kHz) and comes without tags. (Best quality for recording)

    WAV is really a more container format and may contain compressed audio, but if you ripped it in a normal manner from the CD it is uncompressed and then is the best quality you can get. The disadvantage is that it takes much space. You get the best quality for recording with WAV.

    When you compress a file as MP3, a lot of the frequencies disappear away from the sound. At sufficiently high quality is the most inaudible. Since WAV takes up so much space, you will not have room for as many songs on you MP3 player or phone. That is why most people use MP3. You get the MP3 format so you can listen to the song in your phone or otherwise. WAV format is used to record on. You can record in the usual MP3 format but you loose some sound quality when you change the format and you cannot play a wav format in all CD-players. And therefore, FabulousBeats provides you with both formats.

  • What is Paypal?

    Paypal is designed from the ground to be one of the safest ways to send money online. Unlike other financial institutions, the payments are sent without sharing financial information. In fact, Paypal never shares your financial information with or sells it to merchants.

  • Do I own the track after I buy it?

    No, you don’t own the beat if you are buying a non-exclusive beat. All non-exclusive beats are LEASED not SOLD. You are leasing the rights to use it. By downloading the track, you are bound to the terms and conditions of our license agreement. If you want to own a beat you have to buy a beat exclusively and you have to contact FabulousBeats. All beats that are sold in FabulousBeats are non-exclusive beats.

  • Royalty and Copyright?

    The copyright is owned in its entirety, by FabulousBeats. Royalty Free is not the same as copyright free. All material sold is copyrighted. The music ownership of the non-exclusive tracks compositions sold remains the exclusive property of FabulousBeats.

  • What if two different people buy the same beat?

    When a beat is bought, it will remain on the website and can still be bought by others. If two different people buy the same beat, each individual can still copyright their own song they make with that beat from FabulousBeats.

    When you purchase a beat from FabulousBeats (non-exclusive), the copyright for that beat alone still belongs to the original producer. However, the copyright for the song that you make with that beat, your lyrics combined with that beat, belongs to you. And with the rights granted to you by our license agreement, you are allowed to sell, distribute, perform and broadcast (TV, radio, Internet) that song.

  • Can I change a beat after I buy it?

    Yes of course. You can chop, loop, speed up, slow down, add extra sounds, and change up the beat as much as you want as long as you still give full credit to the original producer. But you cannot use the beat alone, it must contain lyrics.

  • How to give credit to the producer?

    In everything you do, and in all projects where you use FabulousBeats, you have an agreement after purchasing one / several beats to give full credit to the producer. For example: “Produced by (producers full name)”.

  • What is royalties?

    Royalties are the standard method of payment for producers whose work is used on a recording. Royalties are typically agreed upon as a percentage of gross or net revenues derived from the use of an asset. FabulousBeats will charge the Licensee a royalty of fifty (50%) percentage for every song made of a FabulousBeats beats. Understanding and protecting our and yours publishing and copyrights is an important part of managing your music career. Read more about this in the license agreement.

  • You cannot share the instrumental?

    The law to distribute, copy and share the beat you buy from FabulousBeats to others forbids it. FabulousBeats beats must be combined with other audio (lyrics) and not be just the instrumentals alone.

  • Who is FabulousBeats?

    FabulousBeats is a website for those who want beat, and are located in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. FabulousBeats was created in 2014 by Highlevel Production and has the will and the focus on creating what is trendy now and for those who like underground music.

    What we mostly produce is Hip Hop, but we do everything from RnB, dancehall, house, reggaeton and Latin music wibe.

    The people behind FabulousBeats have made music for many years and are knowledgeable in what they do. We are trying to create music that suits you as an artist.

    FabulousBeats is a reliable company. We guarantee you the right information and customers needs are important to us. You can always be sure you get the best music for your creativity.

    If you run into any problems or have any questions, please contact us.

  • License agreement


    This License agreement is between FabulousBeats (820315-0613) and CUSTOMER – hence called Licensee.
    Licensee has purchased FabulousBeats instrumental:

    Beat: beat_id title producer
    Beat: beat_id title producer
    Beat: beat_id title producer

    FabulousBeats and license agreements applies to the following conditions:


    The purchase of a Leasing License gives the Licensee a non-exclusive right to sell units, broadcast on the radio and performing publicly with the song they create with FabulousBeats. Licensee shall also have the worldwide rights to synchronize the music with visual media (movies, TV, music videos, video games, websites).
    A beat can be leased to more than one person at the same time until an Exclusive License is sold to the beat. Once a beat has been sold with an Exclusive License it will no longer be available for any kind of leasing. Previous leasing rights that have been sold before are not affected and stay valid.
    Licensee understands that FaboulusBeats maintains 100% copyright and ownership of the original instrumental composition. In all projects in which the FabulousBeats are used, Licensee shall give full credit to the producer. For example: ‘Produced by Highlevel Production’.  It is forbidden to distribute, copy or share the beat you buy from FabulousBeats to others. FabulousBeats must be combined with other audio (lyrics/vocals) and not be just the instrumentals alone.

    This License is granted for the length of the copyright term (the author’s life, plus an additional 70 years after the author’s death), if the license is followed correctly.

    Licensee agrees to pay FabulousBeats a purchasing fee. As compensation in addition to the purchasing fee, Licensee shall pay a royalty of 50% percent of net sales value from the songs that the Licensee creates with the beat from FabulousBeats. Licensee shall at all royalty payments provide FabulousBeats with a report on overdue royalty amount, including data on prices and number of products sold during the period the payment relates. FabulousBeats has the right to review the report on overdue royalty including all data.

    Breach of Agreement and Jurisdiction
    FabulousBeats has the right to terminate the Agreement if the licensees violate any of these terms.  This Agreement is governed by the laws of Sweden. Any dispute arising from this agreement shall be settled by the court Stockholms Tingsrätt.

    © YEAR FabulousBeats. All rights reserved
    PHONE +46(0) 73 592 06 00  |  E-MAIL admin@fabulousbeats.com


  • Who designed your website?

    The website is made and designed by Webbster in Sweden, check out there website at: Webbster.se