How to order?

Select a beat in the player that you want to buy by clicking on the add button. You can see your cart to the right. When you are ready click on “pay with paypal”. A new pop up window will appear and you pay through Paypal. You will receive a e-mail with links on your order to instantly access and download your audio files & license agreement.

NOTE: You will have 24 hours to download the instrumental beat after your purchase.

Payment Options

You can choose to pay the full value of the order by your paypal account. You create a paypal account (if you do not already have one) and you fill in your account from your bankcard. Paypal is a secure payment service that ensures that you get access to the music before the seller has access to your payment. There is no card fee. Credit card payment is handled by Paypal to ensure secure payments.

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On your email you will receive three links on your order confirmation page to instantly access and download your audio files & license agreement. If you have problem with the downloading please contact us. You have 24 hours to download the instrumental beat after your purchase.

Withdrawal (Right to return)

When you are purchase from FabulousBeats, you have no right to withdraw or cancel the purchase. This is because there is no warranty on your part to remove the beat from the computer if the money would be returned.

The law does not apply to the right of withdrawal downloaded music, as these because of their nature cannot be returned. The right does not apply on specially equipped, as these cannot be resold. So just be sure when you buy a beat.

Privacy Policy

Processing of personal data. FabulousBeats committed to respecting and protecting your personal information and your privacy in accordance with applicable law (PUL), industry standards and other relevant standards.

What is royalties?

Royalties are the standard method of payment for producers whose work is used on a recording. Royalties are typically agreed upon as a percentage of gross or net revenues derived from the use of an asset. FabulousBeats will not charge any royalties for as long as the Licensee stays within the “ceiling”. If the licensee uses FabulousBeats more, producers will begin charging royalties. 

FabulousBeats will charge the Licensee a royalty of fifty (50) percentage for every song made of a fabulousBeats beat. Understanding and protecting our and yours publishing and copyrights is an important part of managing your music career. Read more about this in the license agreement.

You cannot share the instrumental

The law to distribute, copy and share the beat you buy from FabulousBeats to others forbids it. FabulousBeats beats must be combined with other audio (lyrics) and not be just the instrumentals alone.


In cases of dispute, FabulousBeats will follow the National Board for recommendations.